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Hose Net
Deluxe blue hose net with draw string organizes your hoses and cords and is ideal when laundering mops. Approximate size is 60cm x 91cm (24" x 36")

Hoser Hose Cleaning Tool
Hook up to a solution and short peice of vacuum hose and your are ready to clean your working vacuum hose. Great for keeping your hoses neat and tidy.

HydroSensor II
An indispensable tool for every company! Determines the actual bounderies of moisture and shows when materials are thoroughly dry. When moisture or urine are present the light flashes and the tranduser beeps. This occurs at increasing intensities depending on the amount of moisture present. Use to find moisture or urine in carpets cushion walls ceiling and floors. It standard length is 53 cm (21") for ease of storage and then extends out to 78 cm (31") for ergonomic use. It is contructed of Stainless Steel with retractable nickel plated pins.

Lift Buddy
This handy tool allows technicians to lift furniture with one hand leaving the other hand free to place skidders blocks or tabs under the legs.

Lint Hog Filter
The Lint Hog’s stainless steel mesh filter traps debris as it passes from the wand through either 2” or 2.5" diameter hoses, stopping it before it reaches your machine. It keeps dirt, lint and other debris externally of your unit which helps prevent downtime and costly repairs. The Lint Hog features a tough, roto-molded housing.

Male and Female Vinyl Sleeve Set
Vinyl heat sleeve to protect and insulate your quick connects from damage and potential heat related concerns

Piglet Filters
Here’s the perfect compliment to the Lint Hog stainless steel mesh filter — Piglet Filters. Make cleaning the stainless Filter even easier.

Quick Connect Wrap
These wraps are just what you need to protect you and your client from the possible damage created when a steaming-hot quick connect meets with carpet and will eliminates burns from hot fittings too. Just wrap up each quick connect and you're completely insulated from some pretty heated discussions. Fits 1/4" quick connects.

Rugrat Hand Held Turbo Head
Great for dry vacuuming or upholstery curtains and edges. A smaller version of the TurboCat this hand held brush is built with the same exacting standards engineering and materials as its big brother. Is invaluable for vacuuming stairs upholstery and many of the more difficult areas to reach.IMPORTANT NOTE: The suction from the vacuum source is what operates the Rug Rat vacuum head. Damage as a result of overheating and/or melting of the vacuum head mechanisms because of increased operating speeds due to high suction is not covered under product warranty. We strongly recommend using the Rug Rat with a Vac Relief to allow for vacuum pressure regulation.

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